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fragmentiX Storage Solution GmbH

Founded in 2018, fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH (FRX) is the only company that offers quantum safe storage appliances using an extension of Shamir’s Secret Sharing, an algorithm which was developed in 1979 and divides data into fragments. The fragmentiX appliances distribute these fragments to separate (cloud or data center) locations to achieve information-theoretical security (ITS) for “data on rest”, i.e. decoding of data from stolen fragments is impossible even for the most powerful (future quantum) computers. At the same time the fragmentiX appliances guarantee simple usability. A combination with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), as protection for “data on transit”, allows fragmentiX to implement a comprehensive ITS system for its customers. Future „post quantum” algorithms will be added to the portfolio of fragmentiX.

fragmentiX is involved in several EU-projects (QKD4GOV, QUARTER, QCI-CAT) that will contribute significantly to Europe’s technological sovereignty with the goal of establishing industry leadership of the Union until 2027.

Current activities are also focused on the Health/Medical sector due to a cooperation with the Medical University of Graz and the European organization of Biobanks BBMRI-ERIC.



CEO, Founder

 fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH

+43 664 325 88 96

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