IDSF 2022 – Exhibitor Profile

World Institute for Nuclear Security


WINS is a non-governmental membership organisation headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

WINS’ overarching goal is to be of service to the entire world and to address all security issues related to nuclear and other radioactive facilities, activities and materials, whether under or outside of regulatory control.

To achieve this overarching goal, WINS has the following three operational goals:

  1. To be an international forum for nuclear security professionals and stakeholders,
  2. To extend WINS’ influence to a broad range of stakeholders involved in all areas of nuclear security,
  3. To further develop WINS as a high-quality professional institute and ensure the continuous improvement of WINS’ in-house capabilities to provide high-quality services.


These three operational goals overlap, intersect and together strengthen WINS’ performance and contribution.

WINS is a dynamic and responsive organisation operating in the nuclear security realm with the purpose of reducing risk on a global scale. WINS’ far-reaching and highly impactful programmes are carried out by a small team of individuals dedicated to furthering nuclear security.


Lars van Dassen

Position: Executive Director

+43 1 7106519


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