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Austrian Security & Defence Industry Group (ASW)


The “Austrian Security & Defence Industry Group – ASW” acts as the national Association for the Security and Defence Industries. As an organisation within the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), ASW focuses on

  • promoting the interests of the Austrian Security & Defence branch
  • supporting the visibility of Austrian companies and their skills and know-how in security & defence technology
  • positioning the companies within the Austrian security & defence sector as innovative, qualified and competitive system suppliers in a global market.



The major aim of ASW is to operate as a “OneStop-Shop” to

  • service Austrian companies in security & defence technology
  • introduce Austrian skills to the national and international public services and business community
  • generate an exchange of information about potential customers, business partners and opportunities
  • foster cross-border cooperation with OEMs and their supply chain



In order to help bring together national and international demands for products, services, technology and know-how, ASW offers special services free of charge by

  • identifying and introducing opportunities and business cases for cooperation
  • facilitating information exchange between customers and potential partners
  • establishing contact between business partners for individual exchange
  • supporting the production of general information material
  • providing an information and service hub at major international shows and exhibitions
  • organising and co-organising special events, briefings and workshops, e.g. site surveys, in- and outgoing missions and showcases.



Together with the supporting members of the association the ASW operates a strong and extensive network reaching out to the entirety of Austrian companies operating in the security & defence sector.


Dr. Reinhard Marak

CEO Austrian Defence & Security Industry – ASW and Austrian Industrial Cooperation & Aviation Technology – AICAT

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO)

Phone: +43 (0) 5 90 900-3447



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