Registration & Matchmaking


All persons wishing to participate in the IDSF are requested to register online in advance through the conference web page. No registration fee is charged to participants, but all participants must register and are subject to selection. Side events such as focused tutorial workshops may require nominal fees which will be listed on the conference website.

The entire conference will take place as an interactive online event.


IDSF is using a matchmaking tool to offer a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners in virtual face-to-face talks. People can meet and greet in 20 minutes intervals which is usually enough to build first connections before the bell rings and the next session starts.

  • Instead of arranging business meetings by chance these bilateral one-to-one meetings guarantee fixed reserved sessions.
  • All participants and exhibitor can publish their expertise, projects, technologies online before the event. These profiles helps other participants to get in touch with each other 
  • Each event participant can find and read your profile/organisation details.
  • A statistical analysis of 500 matchmaking events showed that high quality profiles are visited about 50 to 150 times.
  • The better your profile the more meetings requests you will receive at the end.

You will only be able to create a matchmaking profile and receive meeting requests if you tick the Matchmaking box on the registration page.

A few days after your registration you will receive a link to create your personal profile.

Each participant registers with a personal and/or cooperation profile which will be displayed on a website. Meetings are set up by browsing the online list of participants and/or market place and sending them a request to those one wishes to meet. A few days before the event, each participant will receive a meeting schedule, showing WHO she/he will meet and WHEN.

At a matchmaking event, people meet and greet at high speed. Bilateral meetings take 15 minutes, which is usually enough to forge connections.

Click here for a short introduction video.

All participants can present their expertise/projects/technologies online already BEFORE the event. The cooperation profiles will be extensively promoted. Participants can get in contact with each other already before the event and decide who exactly they will meet at the event. A matchmaking event, therefore, presents a very efficient and focused way of finding new collaboration partners.

1:1 meetings have to be managed remotely via Video Calls (similar to Skype). The Video conferencing is provided by the matchmaking platform, thus no need to install any software – video calls are encrypted and no personal details are stored!
All confirmed meetings (if any) show a button “Start Meeting” and date/time information. You will find all neccessary information in the matchmaking website.


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