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Cyril Gout

Mr Gout started his police career in the early 90’s, and hold several positions in the field of international police cooperation, or as a Liaison Officer for counter-terrorism.

Experienced in Crime Scene Investigation and in forensics, he acted as well for Disaster Victim Identification. He managed IT developments and projects, and digital forensic investigations.

Between June 2017 and July 2020, Mr Gout managed as Assistant Director, the Forensics and Police Data Management Sub-Directorate at INTERPOL’s Headquarters. Along with overviewing the 18 databases of the Organization and its forensic units (DNA, FP, Facial, Fire Arms), he led major projects, promoting effective border management or security of big events, and early detection of persons of interest.

Since 22 July 2020, he is Director for the Operational Support and Analysis Directorate. Responsible for both strategic and operational activities, he commands a diverse directorate that includes police forensics, police data management, crime analysis, fugitives, border security, 24/7 operational and crisis / major incident support capabilities. As such, he is leading a variety of innovative projects including the INTERPOL’s Integrated Border Management Programme, delivering operational response to border security threats, capacity building programmes that lead into successful field operations tackling human smuggling, counter terrorism, narcotics, firearms trafficking and major international event security; I-Checkit – developing robust and assured public private partnerships to protect and detect threat in the aviation, maritime and other relevant areas; I-CAN – INTERPOL cooperation against ‘Ndrangheta to foster INTERPOL and dedicated pilot countries capabilities and commitment in building awareness and strategies to fight the criminal global network; Project STADIA – delivering capacity building to the State of Qatar for their FIFA World Cup in 2022, and hosts of other major international events.

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