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Philipe Reinisch

Dr. Philipe Reinisch, born on June 28th, 1974 in Vienna, Austria, has dedicated his career to the intersection of technology, innovation, and strategy. With a background in Industrial Engineering, Dr. Reinisch has expertly navigated the tech industry for over two decades, becoming a recognized leader in emerging technology management, strategic networking, and business development.

In his most recent role as the founder of SILKROAD 4.0, a nomadic think tank that fosters connections among thought leaders and technology experts along the digital Silk Road, he can envision and create unique solutions to complex challenges. His work has not gone unnoticed; from 2020-2021, he was Project Manager for IoT4CPS, the Austrian government flagship project focused on cyber-security in autonomous vehicles and smart factories.

Aside from his work with SILKROAD 4.0, Dr. Reinisch holds several concurrent positions. He is the CEO of the Boteillier Group, responsible for tech scouting and AI transformation services. As a lecturer, he shares his knowledge of current developments in technology and design. He served as Chairman of two standardization working groups focused on the Internet of Things and Blockchain.

Beyond these roles, Dr. Reinisch’s contributions to the tech industry are numerous, spanning from the directorship of a cyber security program to managing strategic projects for the Federation of Austrian Industries. His career has also seen him engage in large-scale IT transformations, pioneering retail processes through IoT solutions and authoring expert reports on IoT.

Dr. Reinisch has a proven track record of successfully leading complex projects and playing instrumental roles in various tech-focused organizations. His passion for AI, strategic networking, and international business development, coupled with a strong academic background, including a Doctorate of Technical Sciences degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science degree, places him at the forefront of tech leadership. He is a polyglot, demonstrating proficiency in German, English, and Spanish (next to some basic Mandarin). This complements his international experience and adds to his global perspective in the tech industry.

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