IDSF 2022 – Speaker Profile

Rafał Jaczyński

Rafał Jaczynski has started his cybersecurity career over 24 years ago, well before it
became hip. True to his reputation as a man for the most daring missions, he now serves
as Huawei’s Regional Cyber Security Officer, with responsibility extending across 28
countries. Over the years he has built and led excellent cybersecurity teams, holding
CISO positions in Vodafone, Orange and Staples companies. As the Director of PwC
Cyber Security practice in Central and Eastern Europe and one of PwC’s leaders within
Global Cyber Security Centre of Excellence he has helped top international enterprises
operating in telecommunications, media, energy, e-commerce and financial sectors to
understand cybersecurity better, see the threats sooner, resist longer and react faster.
Rafal holds some usual professional security certifications but he doesn’t aspire to
being remembered for having them.


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