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Senadin Alisic

I’ve been on a journey as an Industrial PhD student, focusing on digital ecosystems, and as a strategic advisor at Combitech, where I’m part of an outstanding and diverse technical advisory team. My path has taken me through important roles at respected companies like Capgemini, Sony Ericsson, and IKEA, after studying at top-notch institutions like MIT, Chalmers, and Linköping University.
This journey has given me a wide range of experiences across different industries.

Driven by a passion for excellence, a thirst for knowledge, and a love for innovation, I’ve combined academic learning with real-world industry involvement. This has deepened my understanding of smart city development, digital transformation, and how ecosystems work.
During my talk at IDSF 2023, I’m excited to share my experiences on how to shape digital landscapes, drive transformation, and develop ecosystems that not only advance technology but also promote sustainable growth and societal progress.

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