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Misbar: A Pioneering Arab Fact-Checking Platform Combating Disinformation

Misbar, an Arab fact-checking platform, combines expertise in journalistic standards and advanced AI techniques to effectively combat disinformation. Despite the challenges of misinformation spreading rapidly in the digital realm, Misbar remains committed to upholding the highest professional standards and continuously strives to provide audiences with a unique perspective by monitoring and collecting news from MENA region sources.

Launched in 2019 as part of Baaz, Inc.’s social media platform, Misbar has now become a standalone website, investigating issues of significance to the MENA region’s general public with complete independence.

To ensure impartiality and independence, Misbar has formed an advisory board of independent experts who will monitor the published material and verify its accuracy, operation, and methodology. To verify news, Misbar follows best practices and methodologies.

According to Misbar’s policy, employees may not engage in partisan political activity or contribute to political candidates or lobbying organizations. Any source we deem a conflict of interest is prohibited from donating to Misbar, including anonymous sources, political parties, elected officials or candidates for public office.

Misbar boasts an extensive network of partnerships at both regional and global levels, constituting a pivotal aspect of its efforts in combating misinformation and raising awareness across diverse media platforms, including written, visual, and auditory media. These partnerships include civil society organizations, universities, and media institutions throughout the region.

Moreover, Misbar maintains collaborations with international organizations, having been a partner in the United Nations’ Verified campaign during the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, as well as with UNICEF. Furthermore, Misbar offers a plethora of training workshops tailored to different audiences, including school and university students, non-media professionals, journalists, and media practitioners.



Dr. Ouissal Harize
Senior Editor
Misbar Fact-Checking Platform.
00447951422548 /

Widad Alsaoudi
Public Relations Specialist
Misbar Fact-Checking Platform.
00962798864192 /

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